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United Contract Solutions provides uncompromising support for disaster relief and proactive preparation for refreshing your momentum and community support in a time of crisis. We help local and state governments and businesses to get back up and running rapidly through disaster mitigation, expert foresight, and resilience solutions.

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United Contract Solutions Statement of Capabilities

The art of emergency planning involves “anticipating the unexpected”

Business continuity seeks alternative ways to ensure supplies of goods or services are delivered, in order to keep productivity moving forward. Supply chain planning involves ensuring efficiency in humanitarian supply and services, such that the forces on the ground are not left bereft of the equipment, goods, and manpower that are needed to tackle the emergency effectively.

Recovery and reconstruction planning should aim to revive the local area while at the same time making it safer against future disasters. Dealing with disasters is a social process that has environmental and economic ramifications and implications in terms of governance. Emergency planning needs to be a cooperative endeavor. Plans that work the best have the broadest support. Emergency planning should be a cooperative effort, and we can support the needs of Federal, State, and County Government agencies such as FEMA, DHS, DLA, Army, Navy, Airforce, National Guard, VA, and other governmental agencies with services and supplies required in the recovery process.


We are an experienced team specializing in state and federal government contract services and solutions. Our team also delivers local and municipal organizations with the resources needed to handle natural disasters, industrial accidents, or system failures.




  • Emergency Response
  • Government Contracts
  • Industrial Services
  • Concerts and Events
Veteran Owned Business
We are open and readily available to provide services and supplies when the need evolves.
Ashley Painter
President & Founder

A Military Career Paves the Way for Recovery Company

From military bases to the eye of tropical storms, Ashley Painter always sees opportunity in adversity.

Quick thinking in the heat of the moment is nothing new to Ashley Painter.

The 24-year member of the U.S. Army Reserves spent much of her military time in medical departments and hospital units and serving as a company commander. A career in leadership and authoritative roles made the jump into disaster recovery fairly smooth. “Being able to quickly respond to something with little resources, using a team-based approach, thinking on my feet, has always been second nature to me,” she says.



Proven. Reliable. Experienced.

Years of real world disaster planning and recover provide the skills to deliver proven solutions.

Customers don't need promises. They demand a partner they can rely on...and we deliver.

A wide range of skills and experience allow us to help you plan and recover following any disaster.

Skills That Make a Meaningful Difference Before And After A Disaster

We are scalable and ready to help on small or large-scale projects. We can provide:  Tents, Fuel, Temporary Housing and Offices, Logistics, Healthcare staffing, Security Personnel, Catering, Emergency Response, Decontamination, Project Management, Construction, and Communications Services to name a few.


Ashley Painter Featured Video: Disaster Cleanup & Recovery Contractor


What People Say

Featured Testimonials

“United Contract Solutions has been a major resource for our team when it comes to large scale operations & fast, efficient communication especially when dealing with emergency disaster situations. They’re reach is far & wide, their execution for us has exceeded our expectations and whether it’s fuel, security, base camps, they have the resources & connections to help our situations run much smoother.”

 – Rob Verdi
CEO, Southern Hospitlity Event Rentals

“United Contract Solutions is Ci Power’s go-to fuel partner. They meet and exceed all of our fuel supply and delivery needs in our Disaster Response operations and are always a pleasure to work with. They have routinely gone above and beyond when we have had urgent and unusual requirements to make sure we never had downtime due to fuel supply. United Contract Solutions would be a welcome, value driven addition to any team.”

 – Will Irby
CI power Solutions

“During the recent hurricane Ian disaster, United Contract Solutions and Ashley’s team were onsite and actively helping communities in need. They brought the resources, skills and years of know-how to get things done. Our communities were blessed to have Ashley’s help and we are on the road to recovery.”

 – Jeff Garner
Jeff Garner Digital Marketing