United Around One Goal

The art of emergency planning involves
“anticipating the unexpected”

United Contract Solutions (UCS) is a Southeast and Mid-Atlantic emergency disaster response team comprised of a veteran group of experienced professionals specializing in providing fuel, food, beverage, shelter and other human needs and support services in times of natural and man made disaster. UCS has delivered such life sustaining equipment food and assets when hours count.

When selecting a company to assist you in disaster restoration, you want a reliable and responsive organization. Our team will arrive within 24 hours of the notice to proceed. 

United Contract Solutions can provide support to federal agencies such as FEMA, National Guard, local municipalities, county governments, utility providers, and the private sector for over twenty years.

UCS provides detailed contingency planning services. We utilize commercial off the shelf systems to design emergency response centers, civilian housing areas, etc. working with on site land and parking lots owners.

UCS offers flexible minimum activation anywhere from 3 to 21 days standard rental periods with dedicated assets guaranteed to your location.

Municipalities or local and regional entities can also take advantage of the UCS equipment, such as fueling stations and storage, shower units, a temporary kitchen or catering, or light weight mobile housing for local depts to set up a temporary HQ. Regardless of your needs, you’ll see us everywhere. UCS Everywhere.

We are open and readily available to provide services and supplies when the need evolves.

United Contract Solutions Team Members